As artists, we creative types draw upon a strange stew of ideas to express our stories. That stew is a mixture of both the inventive (and usually bizarre in my case) and true life. For any of you watching Fat Guy and upon seeing episode 4 are thinking to yourselves; “self, this is completely insane”. Well, you’d be wrong.

The man in question shall remain nameless (primarily because it was years ago and I can’t remember his name). While the outcome of Greg and Caskey’s date will be completely different, its beginnings originate from a very real place. 

The year was 200-something. I was living in Green Bay, Wisconsin over a piano repair workshop, working in inbound customer service for a travel company by day and doing community theatre by night. Honestly, I can’t remember how I met this guy, but someway or another, I set up a blind date with someone. We agreed to meet at the Country Kitchen for a lunch date (red flag #1). We met, got our beverages and ordered lunch and began talking. After a few minutes, a girl in an Olive Garden uniform walked up to our table to see how we were doing. Naturally, I found this odd since we were at Country Kitchen, the 3am drunk eats capital of east Green Bay (and the home of the best drunk comeback I’ve ever uttered-that story after I finish this one*)

I was introduced to this woman and subsequently found out that she was the ex-fiancée of the man I was about to enjoy some terrible greasy food with. We chatted, uncomfortably, for a few minutes and she left to get to the Olive Garden for her shift. As I questioned my date further, I discovered that he had come out of the closet only a few weeks earlier, was still living in the apartment with her and sharing a bed until the living situation was sorted out.

Needless to say, I was shocked by this story. I understand that everyone’s coming out journey takes it’s own interesting path, but this was a little too much for me to handle. We ate our food and parted ways, never to meet again. I sometimes wonder whatever happened to him, but that passes quickly. I am, however, deeply indebted to him for providing one of the more interesting blind date stories I’ve ever known and inspiring the story I present in season one of Fat Guy.

Sometimes that old adage is true – “You just can’t make this stuff up”

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* Ok, now the other Country Kitchen story. It was a late night and I had been partying pretty hard. Fortunately (or unfortunately, maybe) This Country Kitchen was just down the road from my apartment. A gaggle of us headed there, looking for something delicious to soften the blow of the party in the morning. As we approached the restaurant, I saw through the window that they had a breakfast buffet set up. I pointed this out to my friend Lexie while two skinny girls were walking out. One of them turned and said “You don’t need a buffet”, clearly referencing my hefty build. I immediately made an about face and shouted back, “yeah, well you don’t need bitch lessons.” It’s not my best work, but in that moment it was the most amazing thing ever said. That story is still pretty legendary in my circle all these years later.

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