Well folks, it’s time for season one to begin winding down. This week, episode seven comes out and then it’s just two more. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and feedback. Now that the season is out, it’s time to spread the word and make Fat Guy a household name. 

We have the opportunity to compete for some awards and get some major visibility. Fat Guy will be submitting for nominations in several categories for the International Academy of Web Television Awards in January, but we need your help. Like most festivals, this one has a fee for submissions. I funded season one of Fat Guy entirely out of my own pocket and now the coffers are a little low. We need your help to get exposure at the festivals.

But, I’m not just going to ask for money with nothing in return…that’s silly. We’ve got some great thank you gifts in exchange for your support. Check out this page to make a contribution to the show. The IAWTV awards submission deadline is October 31st, so time’s a ticking’. If you have enjoyed the show, please consider making a contribution. Even $5 can make a difference. If you can give $10 or more, we have some wonderful gifts to give you including signed scripts and DVDs.


Thanks for your support. Enjoy the rest of season one. I’m already hard at work on season two.


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