About The Show

Fat guy follows the life of Caskey, a 20-something, chubby, pasty, gay actor from the midwest trying to make it in the big apple. Along with his best friends Eva and Kelly and his slightly psychotic agent, Susan, Caskey must navigate his career and love life in New York City.

In season one, Caskey gets an unusual job offer and an even more unusual romantic set up. Watch as he deals with sudden notoriety and his boyfriend’s stalker ex all while trying to maintain his girlish figure.

Taking style and tone insipiration from comedies like “30 Rock”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Arrested Development”, Fat Guy is a single camera comedy that explores everyday occurances with a touch of the absurd. New York City provides the perfect backdrop to follow Caskey’s immediate rise and fall as a diet pill spokesman, Eva’s mediocre fame in the soap opera world and the headaches that accompany it.

In early 2010 an amazing cast of actors assembled for a workshop reading of scripts. Feedback was taken and we are ready to bring this series to the masses. Please explore the site. Learn about the show and characters. Join our mailing list to get the latest news about the show.

All nine episodes of season one are now available for viewing on the show’s official website (www.fatguyshow.com).